Lucchese brings exclusivity and luxury to your boots

Lucchese brings exclusivity and luxury to your boots

Lucchese is one of the most famous and important fashion brands around the globe that specializes in handmade boots production. Their exclusive designs have set the difference due to the use of high quality materials like exotic leather and precious skins that create without a doubt one of the most unique and desired products of the footwear industry.

All their work is handmade to assure the protection of the leather’s quality. One of their most successful products are the crocodile boots. Their clients choose them for the quality of their skin and because they can turn simple steps into the most stylish, classy and sophisticated signature.

Crocodile boots require special attention to details and high skills in the manufacturing process. Each skin sets a unique color pattern. This demands a very rigorous quality control process to obtain the best exotic leather. Lucchese prefers TopCroc crocodile skins.

Working with crocodile skin requires special attention to coloring. Each set of skins must have the same toning to accomplish a unique and perfect product. A provider of quality is everything in the search for perfection. Our skins are delivered with exact toning and luxury finishes to our clients, this allows them to avoid holes, scars and imperfections on the materials.

During the cutting process, Lucchese’s shoemakers work around skins particularities to make the product as perfect as it is, and they use the animal parts of the body wisely

Cowboy boots are still must-have for any boots lover and cowboy style is a must in every closet.



We’re Made That Way from Lucchese on Vimeo.

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