Première Vision 2016

Première Vision 2016

TopCroc the name of exclusivity and quality in the Fashion Market.

Every year takes place in Paris: Première Vision, an event that inspires and shows the latest trends in the creation and production of fabrics and leathers for the most important brands in the world, where the manufacturers present the materials and products to recognized designers, international brands, visitors and students. One of TopCroc’s skins, due to its quality and innovation in the production of classic crocodile skins, was chosen for the second time as the official image of the event.

“Exclusive, luxurious and sophisticated” were some of the reactions from visiting designers as they looked at TopCroc’s new classic crocodile skin, reflecting the quality and variety of textures, sizes and colors that TopCroc makes available to luxury brands.

The event that lasted for 3 days, allowed TopCroc to make new business alliances, to strengthen relationships with existing brands and to continue setting the difference in the fashion market.

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