Trends and colors are the first impression in the fashion market

Trends and colors are the first impression in the fashion market

In the leather market different brands have achieved recognition and prestige by using exotic, luxurious and flashy skins like crocodile skin in their designs. Also, is one of the tendencies that keeps being highlighted in the world-wide fashion runways and it’s one of the favorite complement of famous people in their garments.

That’s why TopCroc has become one of the strongest brands in the market of the crocodile skin production, providing to the different designers and brands the possibility of creating all kinds of styles, colors, quality finishes, to accomplish the perfect added-value for their customers.

Today, we show three very important European brands that use TopCroc’s crocodile skin, where they take advantage of the color range and their production capacity, to create innovative designs full of elegance and refinement.


It’s a French brand. Its designs are characterized by the touch of glamour and elegance that they give to each accessory as a result of the combination of neutral and colorful tones. TopCroc understand the brands value and innovate in finishes and textures to complement the designers work with excellent raw materials.


Barrett Italy:

This Italian brand is distinguished by its delicate details that are reflected in each pair of shoes. Their designs are characterized by the use of an earthy colors palette, being the reflection of elegant and sophisticated businessmen. Color is a big deal for the designers and TopCroc works at hand with the brand to provide the correct pallet in every production.



It’s a brand that produces watchbands that’s located in London. Its innovative designs and the different options in colors and styles they offer, make them one of the best positioned brands in the industry . Our skin sizes allow them to have better quality and economic benefits in terms of production and supply chain processes.


TopCroc produces crocodile skins adaptable to all types of products, that is why TopCroc is the new classic skin.


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