About us

To be irreplaceable a product must be authentic.


That is why 31 years ago TopCroc was born as a company specialized in farming, breeding and tanning of crocodile skins to serve the high-end exotic leather industry.


From the beginning we were dedicated and committed to naturally produce all of our skins under the most efficient and rigorous environmental standards and as we grew we developed our own R&D practices to perfect the natural selection, incubation, feeding, farming, tanning and finishing processes that led to the creation of one of the highest quality skins in the world.

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TopCroc understands the value of your brand.


We have worked in close relationship with luxury brands for many years, developing new colors and finishes, observing even the slightest details on each skin, so that they are worth displaying your brand.


We keep a close look at the current fashion trends, while maintaining a vision in the future of the industry, anticipating changes, tendencies and their constant evolution to go a step forward of the luxury market expectations.


With nearly 300 highly-trained employees, we make sure our processes are achieved efficiently and in a way that respects animal welfare and environmental practices.


The end result: an exceptionally genuine crocodile skin.